Last updated on Monday 26 Feb 2024

I moved into the suburbs and now I have a view over the city, fresh air, green around me, and birds singing in the mornings.


  • Recovering from moving, and trying to get everything in its new place.
  • Trying to remember who had my old address so I can tell them that I’ve moved.
  • Improving my bread baking now we have a fancy new oven
  • Learning how to solo like Dave Gilmour…
  • Continuing to dump my notes/tasks/appointments into a journal
  • Trying to get out of the house into the outdoors more (Apple reckons I’m averaging 126 mins in sunlight over the past month, compared to 36 minutes the previous month). Obviously there’s been some factors driving that (like the holidays, great weather), and I don’t have any data from before Jan to compare to, but still feels much better.

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