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Social Life Stagnating?

I came across an interesting article on 'Art of Manliness', which talks a bit about social anxiety and what we believe to be true about our social interactions which is actually not (and vice versa).

Focus is, of course, itself just another computation

I read something interesting about light field cameras recently which completely changed my perception of how light, physics, and cameras work.

First Full Year

In which I become a dad, an uncle, a brother-in-law, and miss my sister.

The Yard-Sale Model

The 'trickle down' model doesn't work, and never has. All things being equal, the emergence of the 'super-rich' is inevitable.

Plague House

After two years of ducking and diving, finally COVID-19 catches up with me.

A Curious Loophole

An exploration of optimising car rentals to travel as cheaply as possible.

Signing Out of Twitter

Elon Musk is ruining Twitter, and potentially the world.


A small town with charm, mountain and lake views, and 30% rich expats. What's not to like.

Going To Switzerland

I'm going to Switzerland next week, and I'm super excited.

Just Call Someone In

Next time, instead of watching a YouTube video and telling yourself 'that looks easy', call someone out.

Updating failed. Could not update in the database

How to fix this annoying Wordpress error which stops you from updating posts on your site.


The best sourdough loaf I've made so far showed me the importance of choosing the right flour, a long cold proof, and a shallow cut.

What Does An Early Pregnancy ACTUALLY Look Like?

The Guardian have published a set of images that show what the early stages of pregnancy actually look like, and it's quite surprising.

How Much Time Do We Have?

An exploration of how much time we might have left with those we love.

Japanese Grand Prix 2022

After a wet and eventful Sunday morning, one thing that stands out clearly is that F1 is in trouble.

Falsehoods This Guy Believed About Names

A peculiar feature of Hungarian birth certificates I discovered when I married my wife.

Every Key Is A String

As it turns out, there are quite a few tricks that JavaScript plays on us all. One of those is pretending things are something they are not.

Better Colours Easily

Using RGB values to define colours is difficult to wrap your head around, and requires a lot of mental effort to know how to develop a colour palette that will make your site look good. There's a better way.

Lapsang Souchong

An homage to a delicious, robust, smoked tea with a taste that tells tales of autumn evenings.


A short post about where Apple goes wrong in encouraging hobbyists to build for their ecosystem. Or maybe that's what they want?


A comparison of beautiful geometric sans fonts, starting with the satisfyingly proportioned Avenir.

Singapore Grand Prix 2022 Predictions

Could this be the weekend that Verstappen clinches the 2022 championship (a few days before we learn whether he gets to keep the 2021 championship)?

Taking Care of My Blog

For about the millionth time, my interest in blogging has been renewed, and I'm planning to start blogging again.

The Queen Died Today

Queen Elizabeth II died on 8th September 2022, and it hit me, an anti-royalist, harder than I expected.

Loved You A Little

Charlotte Sands, The Maine, and Taking Back Sunday collaborated and produced my favourite song of 2022 so far.

Christmas 2021

For someone who's lived abroad most of his adult life, Christmases have always been a time for going home and seeing family. I skipped 2020 because of COVID and will forever wish I hadn't.

14 Aug 2021

Bit of Bassline

DJ De Layna has been soundtracking my Saturday evenings for a while now.

Blob Opera

This little experiment from Google is brilliant, fiddle about with singing blobs and see what you can generate.

Serum - Know How

Knife Prty–DeftonesxPurity Ring



The beginning of the end of advertising?

Idris Elba DJ Set

Team Are Online

What's So Funny About Brexit?

Sorry, You're Not A Winner


I'm Not On Facebook...

Why My Facebook Is Empty

What is Signal?


The Lighthouse


COVID-19 Hungary

A Few Snaps From My Birthday

UK Winter 2019-2020

Meat Coin

Most Interesting Christmas Presents

A list of some of the best Christmas presents of 2020

We got engaged!

Weather Display

App to display current weather in your location


T-Mobile Austria's Customer Service Car Crash

Bubi Bikes

Now for real: The UK Tax System Explained in Beer

Voter Power Calculator (2017 UK General Election)

The Silver Yaris

The AWS Outage—What Happened and Why Does It Matter?

Pomodoro Timer

A pomodoro countdown timer. Nothing too fancy and probably full of bugs.

Voter Power Calculator (2015 UK General Election)

Top Tips For Getting Hacked

Javascript Testing For Idiots Who Don’t Understand Anything They’ve Read About It So Far

How To Trick Everyone Into Thinking You're Not A Racist

Why Accessibility Matters, Even When You Think It Doesn't

Delegating my Job to VBA

My Four F's of Effective Email Management

Migrating from Meteor Hosting ( to my own VPS

Setting Up My Home Server

A Punch in the Teeth for UKIP and the Greens

Registering a Domain Name

Designing My Web App

Choosing a VPS Provider

Setting Up Your DNS

Setting Up Your VPS

Crimea in Crisis—How the West Has Lost

Ukraine on Fire as Protests Turn Violent

ASBO 2.0 Rejected—But the Problem Remains

No Benefits Please, We're British

François Hollande Caught With His Trousers Down… But So What?

Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished

Nelson Mandela

The Financial Transaction Tax, The EU, and You

Zero-Hour Contracts

The EU Debate

Pussy Riot Denied Access to their Own Parole Hearing

The Abstraction of Warfare

Le Hashtag