What Does An Early Pregnancy ACTUALLY Look Like?

What Does An Early Pregnancy ACTUALLY Look Like?

Friday 21 Oct 2022, 5:10 pm

The Guardian is running an interesting story which highlights how misguided the public generally is on issues like early pregnancy.

Often it’s presented as a dichotomy—either one is ‘pro-choice’ or one is ‘pro-life’. I like to consider myself both. I am pro-life in that I believe that consenting adults who know what the consequences of unprotected sex are (or can be) do have some level of responsibility towards an unborn foetus. But I also believe that my own opinion is all but irrelevant in determining what rights other people should have, and I am 100% in support of people having control of their own bodies.

However, looking at these pictures surprised me a bit. My wife and I found out about her pregnancy very early on. We had the opportunity to ‘track’ the pregnancy with 3D models of the foetus from five weeks on.

I guarantee that none of the apps showed pictures or models that looked like this:

Small amount of white material in petri dish, with ruler showing it’s about a quarter of an inch in diameter