Signing Out of Twitter

Signing Out of Twitter

Sunday 20 Nov 2022, 7:43 pm

I’ve tweeted my last. I’ve always found Twitter a bit problematic (less so than Facebook, but still…), but this recent business with Elon Musk has really been the final straw.

There are other ways to make friends with people on the internet. I’m now posting short thoughts on Mastodon, where I’m @[email protected].

Just to annoy anyone who follows me on Twitter, I’ve also set up an IFTTT flow to post a message to Twitter every time I post to Mastodon with no info about what I’ve actually said. Maybe that will encourage folks to check out Mastodon.

By the way, I’m still not sure I like Mastodon all that much. I’d much rather have a Tumblr like interface for microblogging. Maybe one day I’ll even turn this blog into an ActivityPub server that does exactly that.

But for now, Mastodon will have to do.