Plague House

Plague House

Friday 23 Dec 2022, 2:19 pm

We’ve been so careful. We cancelled so many meetings with friends, so many family events skipped to keep everyone safe. And then, now, in the run up to Christmas, two years after the first outbreak in Wuhan, here I am, unable to protect my wife and son from the virus haemorraging out of my body.

It seems very unfair. We’ve disappointed so many people recently trying to avoid the virus, and yet through my own stupid sense of duty, I spent a few days in the office in December and got caught.

Fortunately, I’m triple-jabbed, and so is my wife (although we both haven’t had jabs for over 12 months). Nevertheless, it has been uncomfortable and painful, I spent a couple of days lying in bed.

With a six-month old, that’s a big liberty to take. No nappy changes. No feedings. No night waking for cuddles and soothing back to sleep. It’s been horrible watching my wife take those responsibilities on completely, while she slowly feels sicker and sicker, but her tests keep coming back negative.

What’s more unpleasant though is that once again, we’ll have to cancel visiting her family in Karcag. We were looking forward so much to going, and now there’s just no way we can do it.

So far we’re muddling through.