Most Interesting Christmas Presents

Most Interesting Christmas Presents

Tuesday 31 Dec 2019, 10:00 am

My sister did a great job of Christmas shopping this year. I’m mostly bored of the whole giving gifts that no-one needs thing, but here are a couple that she gave that I thought were awesome.


Goal 4 Together Band

#TOGETHERBAND My Mum and I are both trained teachers (although I no longer teach). She gave us a twin pack of these to share. They’re designed as a two pack, one which you wear, and the other which you give to someone to raise awareness. Proceeds go towards the UN’s Global Goals project. Made of recycled plastic and decommissioned illegal firearms.

Homeless Tartan Scarf

Scarf in Homeless Tartan

The Big Issue Shop

Using a tartan specifically designed for the homeless, this scarf raises awareness of homelessness, which is a disgusting thing to have to do in the developed world as we move into 2020. It’s from the Big Issue shop, so there’s a strong charitable element involved in it as well, although I did struggle to work out on the Big Issue shop itself exactly how much buying a scarf like this has a direct contribution to solving the problem.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp - Wood | Wi-Fi Touch Lights

Light up loved ones’ lives—across town or across the world—with these in-sync lamps.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Uncommon Goods

This one isn’t as socially good, but is a great idea. Often, my sister is too busy or tired to call or write a message to mum, but if she taps her lamp in Switzerland, my mum’s in the UK will also light up. You can press to choose colours and the lamp slowly fades out over an hour and half.