First Full Year

First Full Year

Saturday 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 pm

I don’t know how to write about 2022. Or 2021. Or 2023 for that matter.

I became a dad. I’m a father to a beautiful baby boy. He’s amazing and I love him to pieces. They say your priorities change as soon as you lay eyes on your children… and it’s completely true.

I’m lucky enough to be able to share a lot of the experience with my sister, because just a few weeks after becoming a dad, I became an uncle to a gorgeous baby girl.

But it has been heart-breaking to see all of the things Sandi missed this year. If she could have hung on for just another year and a half, she’d have met both her niece and her nephew.

She would have turned 30 this year, and she would have heard my son and niece’s first words. Watched them take their first steps. Danced with them at the big wedding.

I’m telling him about you, Sandi, and I wish you were here to see him.