Wednesday 5 Aug 2020, 9:17 pm

Interesting article I came across on collaboration and motivation - David Relph’s Bristol Scale:

C1 — The ‘what’s in it for me motivation?’ I collaborate because I/my organisation benefits. My motivation is personal.

C2 — The ‘I need others to do something that will help me’ motivation. I collaborate because I wouldn’t be able to achieve something my org values without others. My motivation is organisational.

C3 — The ‘I need others to help me achieve a wider goal that I can’t deliver myself’ motivation. I collaborate because I want to achieve a broader societal/system goal and need others to help. My motivation is system based.

C4 — The ‘collaboration is an essential capability we need to develop’ motivation. I collaborate because I believe that it’s an essential approach (in  abstract) not something whose utility is limited to solving a particular  problem. My motivation is building place capability.

C5 — The ‘I collaborate therefore I am’ motivation. I collaborate because I am fundamentally committed to working that way. My  motivation is civic and social — my organisation is a means to that end

What does ‘collaboration’ really mean to people?