I believe in ensuring your privacy online.

I use a tool called Ackee which is designed from the ground up with a privacy focus. All data related to your browsing is kept on servers that I manage (I don't physically own these servers, but they are rented through reputable countries located in the EU).

You can check out here a few details about what Ackee is able to track, however I have disabled detailed tracking, which means I am able to see:

  • How many people are currently looking at my site(s)
  • How many people have visited my site over a period of time (Ackee records each 'first visit of the day' as a unique visit. An identifier is stored temporarily, allowing the second page you click on etc. to be considered as part of the same visit, but at the end of the day, this is irrevocably destroyed)
  • Approximately how long on average visitors spend on my site
  • Which specific pages (or resources) are requested the most by my visitors
  • 'Referers' - this gives me an insight into where my traffic is coming from

While the GDPR enshrines your right to make a subject access request, I will not be able to comply, as I will not be able to identify you based on any information I gather.

Any other cookies set or information gathered is purely for functional purposes (eg: logging in to services, etc.), and is kept to the bare minimum.

If you need some more assurances, or to share any concerns you might have, please get in touch (, and I'll try to help you however I can.