Terrified of Tech?

You've been dropped in at the deep end without any training? Or you got some training but it was all done by your IT person and you couldn't keep up?

Drop me an email at joe@joeinn.es and I'll reach out to you discreetly to arrange a one-to-one session where I can help you get to grips with Zoom, Teams, or whatever you need help with.

I'm a former secondary teacher now working in IT, and de facto out-of-hours tech support for my mum, who teaches primary school.

I'm free Mon-Thu from 5pm, and off and on throughout the weekend.

Some topics I can help with:

'My learners don't always see what I think they're seeing!'
'How can I stop them from drawing on my presentation?'
'I've been asked to handle a HUGE session, and it keeps descending into chaos...'
'How can I use breakout rooms?'
'Is it better to embed YouTube videos into my PowerPoint or to watch them online?'

And many, many more